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What is a Certified LEAP Therapist?

Introducing an At-home Study Course that helps Dietitians Manage the Dietary Component of IBS, Migraine, Arthritis, IBD and other Inflammatory Conditions

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The Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) is a specialist in Non-IgE Food Sensitivity Treatment and Therapy. They use the LEAP elimination diet, based on the MRT test results and client history, to build the most effective anti-inflammatory elimination diet. If it’s not an elimination diet, it’s not a LEAP diet.

Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) certification is obtained via a 30+ hour CLT training course, which is a combination of self-study modules, experience, and working one-on-one with an experienced CLT LEAP Mentor. Upon becoming a CLT, you will continue to receive one-on-one support from you LEAP mentor. You will receive a flash drive with all the training!

The CLT training course was co-authored by Ethan DeMitchell and Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT.

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