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Registered Dietitians, Nutrition Professionals and Medical Practitioners who are looking to get their patients feeling better, contact us for more information on adding MRT testing and LEAP to your practice!


Health Professionals

  • Are you a doctor or medical professional?

  • Do you have patients who are "tricky" to get well?

  • Would you like to offer MRT blood tests, a non IgG testing for food sensitivities?

Nutrition Professionals

  • Are you an RD or Nutritionist?

  • Do you have tricky clients you'd like to get well?

  • Interested in working with non IgG food sensitivity testing?


  • Are you struggling with food sensitivities?

  • Have you tried "everything" and can't get well?

  • Would you like to try Mediator Release Testing for food sensitivities and our LEAP food protocol?