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Self-Assessment of Frequency and Severity of Symptoms with Chronic Inflammatory Conditions Following a Patient-Specific Elimination Diet and Food Reintroduction Plan

Poster Session: Clinical Care; Communications; Critical Thinking and Decision Making; Food, Nutrition and Dietetics and Physical Activity; Leadership and Advocacy

Clinical Improvement of IBS, Migraine, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis Using Elimination Diets Based on Mediator Release Blood Testing

American Society for Nutrition - Abstract Review

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed through a double-blind review process for quality assurance. Reviewers will consider the following when rating abstracts: abstract components (objective, methods, results and conclusions), significance and writing quality. Results should include at least preliminary data. To say, “the results will be discussed a NUTRITION 2023,” is insufficient. Abstracts without results will be rejected. Exceptions will only be made for study protocol abstracts, which must be denoted as a study protocol in the abstract title.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – FNCE Conference

Review Process and Rules for Submission

All “blind” abstracts are peer-reviewed by a panel of three dietetics professionals with specific experience in appropriate practice areas. Reviewers may not score/evaluate any abstract with which they have affiliation, prior knowledge, or personal commitment.

The Call for Abstracts continues to be a competitive process. After all abstracts have been peer-reviewed and scored, the Academy makes the final selection for poster presentations at FNCE®. Generally, around two-thirds of submitted abstracts meet the qualification criteria and are accepted for presentation. The percentage may vary slightly from year to year depending on space availability.