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Practitioner Testimonials

Kristi Mathieson

"I own an integrative practice with three naturopathic doctors.  Since May of 2009, we have incorporated LEAP and MRT testing into the practice as the first stage of our gut health and individualized anti-inflammatory diet.  The MRT test helps our providers identify inflammatory foods in patients presenting with GI issues (IBS diarrhea primarily), fatigue and migraines.  We also use the MRT testing to identify an individualized anti-inflammatory dietary protocol for our patients with inflammatory diseases like diabetes, HBP, high cholesterol, CAD and cancer.  By removing the foods that cause gut inflammation we have seen many patients resolve GI issues, diarrhea, constipation, bloating.  We have seen improvements in blood glucose levels, migraines, fatigue, skin issues like eczema and in the symptoms of season allergies the year after completing their anti-inflammatory protocol.  This testing is the basis for beginning many of our patients on a whole foods plan."

Christy Smith

"I've been using the MRT testing and LEAP protocol on my nutrition clients since 2013 and have been consistently impressed with the results my clients are seeing. Most of my clients come to me with difficult issues that they've been struggling with for years. After just 2 weeks on the LEAP protocol we almost always see at least a 50% improvement in their symptoms. They're always pleasantly surprised and as thrilled as I am. As someone who has also done the testing and protocol on myself, I'll always utilize this option for my clients."

Angela B. Moore

“LEAP has been the best part of what I have offered so far in my 20+ years as a private practice RD. It has been fun and challenging for me as a professional to incorporate this into my counseling and a great source of revenue for what I do.

I see a huge need for this service and I am so glad I "LEAPED" into this science!!”