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The New and Improved LEAP-MRT 170 launches February 1st 2018

Here’s what you need to implement this exciting new test:

MRT PANEL EXPANSION Letter from Oxford (Ver 10)

Food Allergy Declaration Form _VER.201801

FAQ Expanded MRT Profiles 1.17.18

MRT Req Form_12.17_SAMPLE

MRT Profiles 20180116 -MRT 170

MRT Profiles 20180116 -MRT 130 & 85

Food Allergy Declaration Form _VER.201801

MRT Req Form_12.17_SAMPLE

To request new pricing information, please email YOUR LEAP Mentor

Food sensitivity test leads to better health, weight loss. July 31st, 2014, ABC WPBF News, by Terri Parker

Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities are explained by Lori Langer, RD, MeD, CLT, LDN. September 2011, Live Well Nutritional Consulting by: Katherine Ritz Hahn.

What Foods Tend to Produce Acid in the Stomach and Cause Acid Reflux? May 15th, 2014, by Kimberly Tessmer

Food combinations key to acid reflux | – Certified LEAP Therapist Pat Bollinger quoted October 7, 2009, by Linda Brandt

LEAP Diet on Dr Oz -helps Tausha Moore (An oligoantigenic diet + working with Certified LEAP Therapist) April 10, 2014, Toledo Blade Newspaper by Natalie Trusson Cafarello.

Interstitial Cystitis Network Magazine -LEAP Therapy: How Food Sensitivities Can Trigger Bladder Symptoms. Quotes by Jan Patenaude, Sandra Meyerowitz and Lori Langer, all CLTs.(Winter 2014- The IC Optimist article) by Stacey Shannon

Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT Director of Medical Nutrition, Oxford Biomedical Technologies. One of the Top Ten Dietitians for 2014 in Today’s Dietitian Magazine. (March 2014 – Today’s Dietitian article) by Lindsey Getz

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Research Suggests Good Nutrition May Manage Symptoms (January 2013 – Today’s Dietitian article) by Dawn Privett, RD, LD, CLT

Migraine Headaches — Here’s How to Identify Food Triggers and Reduce Debilitating Symptoms (November 2012 – Today’s Dietitian article) by Karen Appold

Diet and Inflammation Article (November 2011 – Today’s Dietitian article) by Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT

Food Intolerances vs. Food Allergies (October 2011 – Today’s Dietitian article) by Maura Keller

Soothing the Symptoms of IBS with Diet Therapy  (June 2009 – Today’s Dietitian) by Sharon Palmer, RD

Beating Food Sensitivities by Sandra Meyerowitz, RD, CLT

LEAP for Athletic Performance  Food Sensitivity article in Training & Conditioning by Sally Hara, RD, CLT

Chris Marquette explains LEAP/MRT on YouTube

Laura Woodard, RD, CLT on Fox News, Denver, May 22, 2013 LEAP keeps a runner running

Food Sensitivities: When Your Body Attacks the Foods You Eat, February 29, 2016 News piece by CBS 12 featuring Dr. Mark Pasula and Julianne Koritz discussing MRT and food sensitivities